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Real Estate Aerial

Real Estate Aerial Photography – Sacramento CA

 Real Estate Aerial (Drone) Photography in Greater Sacramento, CA

Aerial Real Estate Photography Tips

Aerial Real Estate Photography Sacramento

If you are looking for aerial real estate photography in Sacramento, you have come to the right place at Coruscating Images! We specialize in taking breathtaking images and videos of your real estate property so that you can wow your customers and turn page views into phone calls and appointments.

Why do you need aerial real estate photography? There are several reasons. If you want to increase your real estate business and get properties to sell,  you definitely need to be using aerial photography or drone photography.

The first reason why you should use aerial real estate photography for your Sacramento business is because everyone is looking at your properties online. The days of people picking up flyers for houses for sale are long gone. You might have a few people who call you because of a flyer; the vast majority of your customers, however, are finding you because they are googling terms such as “Real Estate Sacramento” and clicking on whatever pictures look most appealing. This means that if you want to get people to look at your real estate listings, your pictures have to stand out from the crowd.

How do you make your pictures stand out? Here is where we get into some photography technical info. One of the best ways to make your pictures stand out is the angle. Everyone takes pictures of real estate from the front sidewalk or the street view of the property. Everyone takes pictures of the interior rooms. Very few people take aerial real estate pictures, simply because the equipment needed to take aerial real estate photography is very expensive.

But the fact is, aerial real estate photography gives really good results. It is incredibly impressive to look at a sweeping birds eye view of a piece of property. You get to see the way the property lies, how far away all the other houses are, and all the special features that might be otherwise difficult to photograph or describe. The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and an aerial real estate photo may be worth even more simply because of the amount of information it can convey.

The other thing Aerial Real Estate Photography Sacramento does for you is it makes you look good as a real estate agent or company. If you make the effort and the investment to get the best photography for your properties, customers expect that they will also get the star treatment from you. On the other hand, if you use low quality pictures that look like you may have taken them with a phone camera, you convey an image of being lackadaisical. Customers will worry that you might also be likely to treat them this way as well. This all happens subconsciously, but it still happens. If you want to attract high quality customers who will pay high prices for your Sacramento real estate, you need to give them the best possible impression. And that amazing impression starts with aerial real estate photography in Sacramento from Coruscating Images.

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Aerial View in El Dorado Hills

If you are looking for Aerial Real Estate Videography or Photography in Sacramento, you have come to the right place at Coruscating Images. Give us a Call Today for a free estimate on your aerial video and photo footage!

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