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Real Estate Aerial Photography Sacramento

Residential Real Estate Aerial, Commercial Real Estate Aerial, Aerial Property Surveys, Acreage and Lot Views, Lake Views, Horse Properties and Large Parcels

aerial real estate photography

Local UAV Certified Drone Pilot in Sacramento

If you are looking for real estate aerial photography,  we have what you need here at Coruscating Images! We do aerial footage of residential real estate, commercial real estate, lot views, lake views, horse properties, and much more! Aerial photography gives your potential customers a full view of your property, including an accurate view of the way the property lies and what the surrounding area looks like. Even though most people do not actually see their property from the air, having an aerial view to show is extremely beneficial as it shows the layout of the area and thus gives your potential customer a more accurate view of the property they are looking at.

Residential Real Estate Aerial Photography

If you have a home to sell, residential real estate photography is an essential tool that you absolutely need. When people look for real estate, they want to be able to see what the property looks like online before they call for an appointment to view it. Aerial photography for residential real estate means that they can see how big the yard is, how the house sits on the land, and what the neighborhood looks like as well.

Our Service Area

Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography

aerial real estate photographyWhether you are working on selling a piece of commercial real estate or trying to give your potential customers an idea of what your business looks like as part of your marketing, we can do your high quality commercial real estate aerial photography for you. Here at Coruscating Images, we specialize in making your commercial real estate and construction projects look amazing. We will come out with our drone photography equipment, fly it around your property getting footage, and deliver a final, perfectly edited package straight to you including both aerial photos and aerial video.

Aerial Property Surveys

If you need a piece of property surveyed, it can be difficult to actually determine the property lines simply by walking over it, even for expert surveyors with the most expensive equipment. Aerial property surveying is a method that uses drones with photography equipment, which fly over the property and see it from a birds eye point of view. As a local certified UAV pilot in Sacramento, we offer aerial property surveys using our high quality aerial photography equipment, so you can get your property surveyed affordably and effectively.

Acreage and Lot Views

aerial real estate photographyIf you are a developer with lots to sell, you definitely need aerial photography from Coruscating Images! The people who are going to buy your properties don’t just want to know what the new houses are going to look like; they also need to see what the neighborhood is going to look like, how big of a yard they are going to have, and what the area overall looks like. Give your customers what they are looking for with our real estate aerial photography from Coruscating Images!

Lake Views

aerial real estate photographyIf you are selling a lake property, obviously the lake view is a major selling point for the house. Make the most of the property’s natural beauty with real estate aerial photography from Coruscating Images! Think of how many people would jump to make an appointment to view a lake property if what they saw on the online listing was a breathtaking video of the lake, the majestic mystery of the deep water, and the gorgeous house overlooking it. Give Coruscating Images a call today for a free estimate!

Horse Properties

aerial real estate photography tipsAerial real estate photography is ideal for horse properties because it gives beautiful photos and videos that show the entire scope of the land in ways that are easy to see and easy to understand. Since horse properties are necessarily very large, it is difficult to impossible to give customers an accurate image of what the property really looks like from photos taken on the ground. Call Coruscating Images, and we will come out with our aerial photography equipment, take gorgeous photos and videos of your property, and deliver the finished, edited images and videos ready to post and use in your marketing.

Large Parcels

aerial real estate photographyIf you are selling large parcels of land, you definitely need aerial real estate photography. Customers want to see what the land looks like, and regular photos that you take from the ground can help with that. But the other thing that customers always do when looking at a large parcel of land is look at it on Google maps and get the aerial view of the place. Instead of relying on Google’s satellite images to show your customers the layout of the parcel (which is always a gamble anyway, between the likelihood that the satellite image will have been taken during winter and the fact that Google has no concern with making your property look particularly good at all), have Coruscating Images take care of it. We will come out with our drones and cameras, take amazing footage of your property, and deliver it to you fully edited and ready to post everywhere you do your marketing.

Call Coruscating Images today for your free estimate! Contact Coruscating Images today to talk about your aerial photography project and to get a free estimate!

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