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Coruscating Images is a local full service Sacramento Aerial Photography and Videography Company. Specializing in Aerial Real Estate, Home Builders Developments, and Construction Progression. Since the Dji’s Phantom 4 Drone releases, a huge number of people want to know about drones. How they can add this technology into their marketing or business model.  Our goal is to bring residents, local business owner, and communities together by proving the best Sacramento Drone Photography out there.

Drone Photography Sacramento

Sacramento Drone Videography!

When you decide to change your marketing campaign, add eye catching imagery for your clients to be in awe at, that is where we come in.  We take  each Aerial Image with the worlds leading Drones, capable of capturing up to 5.2k resolution video! Easily recognized by our signature look, every step of the way our passion for Art in the Sky shines through.  Your next project most likely can benefit from Drone work, so don’t be afraid to give us a call.  We offer free estimates usually withing the same day.


FAA PART 107 Licensed Drone Pilot

From Architectural, Commercial, Real Estate, and Site Surveying we are expert SUAS Drone Pilots here at Coruscating Images.  FAA Part 107 Remote Pilots who go through rigorous training to make sure each flight is safe, and fun.  We provide business owners throughout California with unique Aerial Videography, tailored personally each time to get the most out of our time in the air.


Aerial Views of Sacramento: Not Like Typical Stock Images!

The comprehensive overview of what we do at Coruscating Images can be found throughout our site. Aerial Views of Sacramento are breathtaking, often used in commercial buildings as wall art, even custom fit panels for Medical Offices and Restaurants. Working with some of the biggest companies in Sacramento, and it’s no surprise seeing how drone sales have skyrocketed this year!  See how they’ve doubled since 2016!From Real Estate to Commercial Purposes.  Trust me when I say Aerial Drone Applications are endless!


EASY and EFFECTIVE: We use the Safest Drones Out!

Having advanced drones used at Coruscating Images offer features like Obstacle Avoidance, Smart Return to Home Features, and a High Quality micro four thirds camera capable of recording 5.2k video.

The advanced remote control sends a GPS signal ensuring a constant connection which we view from our tablet or smartphone. Dual Remote compatibility also means we can have to pilots on site, or even have the client watch as we film. Planning before hand is always key to a safe mission.


Our extensive experience matters; and when you decide on hiring a Drone operator, it is a big deal.  Take a look around and be sure to check our blog page as we are constantly updating our most recent work! Contact Us today to find out more! Making the city views look like Hollywood Style scenes out of a movie trailer.  Utilizing an Aerial Drone we are able to reach heights never before seen from the ground.
Sacramento Drone Aerial Work
Don’t believe the hype?  See how effective Aerial Photography can be in this article stating the TWO BIGGEST industries using drones right now are Government and Real Estate Markets!  Numbers don’t lie and surely you can  say that an increase in Sacramento Aerial Videos and Images have surfaced recently.

Sacramento Drone Photography

sacramento aerial photography

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Sacramento Drone Videography

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Sacramento Aerial Photography

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