Aerial Drone Photography Folsom, CA

Aerial Drone Photography Folsom

Aerial Drone Photography Folsom and Folsom Drone Photographer Services

The small town off Highway 50 near Sacramento has a special place in the heart of this company.  I lived here a few years of my teen years, graduating from Folsom High School what seems like a lifetime ago.  When Coruscating Images started I had planned to showcase the city of Folsom in ways nobody had ever seen.  The greatest Aerial Drone Photography Folsom has seen is here!

The Beautiful Folsom Lake Community

Aerial Drone Photography Folsom

The dynamic community in Folsom is close knit, and family oriented.  Coruscating Images has participated in many Charity Events including the Chamber of Commerce Easter Bunny Family Portraits, and free family pictures of children with Santa Clause.  Determined to give back to the city I grew so fond of, showcasing the most dynamic Aerial (Drone) Photography Folsom seemed like the perfect way.

Countless Hours of Drone Photography in Folsom, CA

Aerial Drone Photography Folsom

There is so much to do here it is difficult to pick a favorite place, or activity.  From the Palladio Shopping Center, to Historic Sutter St, and Folsom Lake I had my work set out for me.  Luckily Coruscating Images was fortunate enough to build a body of Folsom Aerial Photography like no other artist.  You can see the passion in every photograph, with the end result to give Folsom the highest quality work.

Specializing in Aerial Photography and Video in Folsom, anything is possible for your company

You may have not even thought there was benefit to getting pictures from the sky, but the projects we have been working on lately are not your typical.  Just recently Coruscating Images finished up an Aerial Video of popular Mexican Restaurant Mexquite, the fabulous Johnny Cash Trail, and Historic Folsom’s famous Truss Bridge.

If you have and questions regarding Folsom Aerial Photography, or Video please Contact Us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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