Certified Part 107 UAV Pilot Sacramento

What Coruscating Images has gone through to be a FAA Certified Pilot

Certified UAV Drone Photography Pilot Sacramento

Ask your Drone Photographer if they are a Certified UAV Pilot in Sacramento

One of the biggest misconceptions about drone photography is that anyone can do drone photography with a little bit of practice. Many people think that all you have to do is buy the equipment, read the instructions, and start flying the drone around, taking all the pictures you want.

Actually, it is quite a bit more complex than that. There are many restrictions on drone photography and flying drones in general. You can’t fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport; you have to keep all non-participating people at least 500 feet from the drone operating location, and you have to get signed permission from all property owners who have property within 500 feet of where the drone will be flying. Most importantly, though, you have to be a certified UAV pilot to be able to fly a drone.

This is another surprise to members of the general public. It is not immediately apparent why you should have to have a pilot’s license to be able to fly a little unmanned drone that doesn’t even have anyone in it. The fact is that there actually are safety issues with drones, so it is important that only people who have taken the correct trainings should be allowed to fly them. For example, you could have a drone crash into a building, causing property damage. Or if you were flying a drone over people’s heads, you could lose control over it and end up causing injuries. In order to keep everyone safe, drone operators are required to have a UAV certificate.

FAA PART 107 UAV Pilot in Sacramento

In order to get our UAV certificates here at Coruscating Images, we had to go through the full training program, just like every other certified drone operator. This included many hours of textbook-style training, many more hours of computer simulation training, and finally a couple of days of hands on training with actual drones in the air.

  • 16 hours online training: This was the portion of the training where we learned everything you could write in a textbook about drones. We learned all the applicable rules and regulations, we learned the physics of how the drones work, and we learned the correct procedures for practically every situation a drone operator might ever find him or herself in.
  • 10 hours flight simulation software: During this portion, we used drone flight simulation software to practice putting the information we had learned in step 1 into action. Flight simulation software is designed to give you practice dealing with all possible drone flying events and conditions, in an environment where we could not actually destroy expensive equipment or cause personal injuries if we messed up.
  • Part 107 FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test: In the last portion of our training to become certified UAV pilots, taking the FAA Part 107 Exam began August 2016. We had instructors teaching us how to respond to unanticipated situations and difficult conditions effectively, in order to keep both people and equipment safe.

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