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If you need amazing photography that will make your business stand out from the crowd, you need aerial drone photography. And if you need the best aerial drone photography in Elk Grove, CA, you need to call Coruscating Images! We proudly offer amazing aerial photography and drone photography in Elk Grove, CA to help you meet all your business goals! We will come out and take your aerial drone photos and videos for you, deliver the edited files to you ready to use and post, and all of it can happen without any fuss or effort from you!

What is aerial drone photography?

In the media, we mostly hear about drones as being things that drop bombs in the Middle East. We promise, our drones are not equipped with any weapons more powerful than a camera! Drones are actually just little flying robots that you can control with a remote control device. You can get cheap drones at the store that are fun to use as toys, the way children also use remote control cars.

Photography drones are a bit more expensive than regular toy drones. They have to be, to be reliable enough to strap an expensive camera to them.

Why does my business need aerial drone photography?

Mostly because you need to put your best face forward. Yes, you can take pictures of your business or the property that you are selling in Elk Grove, CA without paying anything extra. Practically everyone has a camera on their phone. Photography itself is cheap.

But good photography needs to stand out from the crowd. If the pictures you have online are the same pictures that your customers could take themselves with their smart phones, they won’t be very impressed. You will give the impression that you don’t particularly care about giving them a top class experience. That is certainly not the image you want to present to your clients or customers.

So it is important to get professional photography for your business. Why is it important to get aerial drone photography? Because it takes your professional image up to the next level. Not only will you have images that require an expensive lends and body to get; you will have images that actually require someone to fly over your property to get.

There are a lot of things that happen psychologically with aerial drone photography. It puts customers in a mindset of actually flying over the property or business. That puts them in a wealthy, high-value mindset; after all, flying to your new home in a private plane is something only the super elite get to do. This is all completely subconscious, since your customers know consciously that they will probably be arriving in their cars. But the aerial views of your property or business have suggested this super high value, super desirable idea in the minds of your customers, and all it took was a short little drone photography appointment with Coruscating Images.

Here at Coruscating Images, we are here to give you the high quality aerial drone photography you need in Elk Grove, CA. Give us a call for your FREE estimate!

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