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Stunning Aerial Drone  Photography in Folsom, CA

If you are looking for drone photography in the Folsom, CA area, you have come to the right place at Coruscating Images! We offer aerial and drone photography, including both still photos and videos. We can do sweeping birds eye views of your business or your property, and we can also do drone video tours to let your potential customers online see exactly what you have to offer.

Why do you need drone photography?

Drone photography gives you the perspectives and views that you couldn’t get from holding a camera on ground level. This makes drone photography extremely eye catching for anyone who looks at it, because it is not a picture they could have taken themselves. This is what separates professionalism from amateur endeavors: professionals give you things that you could not do or learn to do yourself. When your potential customers see a picture on your website that they could not have taken themselves, they see you as being place above them and your competition in terms of the quality and professionalism you offer. This happens subconsciously even if your customers don’t know anything about photography or think about how the aerial photograph was taken in the first place.

So drone photography can help you gain customers because it helps you establish authority and professionalism on your website or in your advertising. It brings value to your appearance, which in turn subconsciously convinces your customers that you will bring value to them as well.

How does drone photography work?

When you call Coruscating Images for drone photography in Folsom, CA, we will set up an appointment to come and take footage at your location. We will bring out our drone equipment and fly around our camera, getting great photos and videos. We can do a drone video tour of your location for you to post or show your customers, and we can also do high quality still aerial photography for you to use as static images.

After we take the photos and videos you need, we will edit them and get them ready to use. We will send you the edited images and videos in a format that is ready to post online, place in presentations and advertisements, and use in any other way you need. You will get amazing images and videos that you can use for your advertisement, all without any effort on your part.

What about DIY aerial drone photography?

At this point you may be asking, “Can’t I just buy a drone, hook a GoPro to it, and do my own DIY drone photography? The answer is: Sure, theoretically you could. But there are some very good reasons why you will get a much better result if you go with professionals such as Coruscating Images.

  • Equipment Quality: You can get really cheap drones, and you can get really cheap cameras. You can put both together and get some aerial footage, but it is going to look really cheap. To get footage that looks professional, you need a drone that is good enough to fly without a lot of vibration and carry the weight of the camera. You also need a camera that takes really good images and videos, because otherwise you will end up with a low quality, pixelated result. Let’s face it: everyone can now take reasonably high quality pictures with their phones. If you want to stand out, you need to be using equipment that produces noticeably better results than an iPhone.
  • Expertise: Flying a drone isn’t something that requires an advanced degree in aeronautics. But it does require some practice. When you first start playing around with flying a drone, you end up crashing it a lot. It gets stuck in trees, bumped into walls, and stranded on rooftops quite a bit before you get the hang of it and can fly it reliably and with confidence. This is not exactly what you want to have happen when there is an expensive camera attached to your drone. Also, while flying a drone is a ton of fun (we would know), you are going to be investing a lot of hours in learning to fly it well enough to take pictures and videos. Is the advertising you are going to be doing with those pictures worth the investment of all those hours?

At Coruscating Images, we have already invested tons of money and time into the equipment and practice required to make fantastic aerial videos and photos. If you want to learn to fly a drone yourself, we highly recommend it. But give us a call for your drone photography needs in Folsom, because you deserve a drone video that looks amazing and professional.

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