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Here at Coruscating Images, we are proud to offer great drone photography in Granite Bay, CA. We will come out to your location, bring our drone equipment and our cameras, and take some awesome footage of your business, real estate property, or whatever else you want us to photograph. We will edit it and get it ready to publish and post everywhere you advertise, and send it over to you ready to go. The only thing you need to worry about is remembering when our photography appointment is scheduled!

Why drone photography?

Drone photography gives you something that other kinds of photography just can’t. With regular photography, the photographer either holds the camera in their hands or puts it on a tripod. Therefore the angles of the pictures are taken from the perspective of someone on the ground. You might be able to get a shot of a crowd just barely over the tops of everyone’s heads, or you may be able to take an impressive picture looking up from ground level, but you are limited to a level of 0 feet to 6 and a half feet or thereabouts.

With drone photography, you can take pictures from way up in the air. You can soar thirty, forty, or fifty feet and take pictures from a birds eye view. You can take sweeping footage of the journey flying over your property. You can fly over the roof and then swoop down and follow the pathways through the garden. You can do all these things because instead of holding a camera in your hand, you are hooking a camera up to a drone and letting it fly.

Drone Photography in Granite Bay, CA

Here at Coruscating Images, we are proud to provide drone photography in Granite Bay, CA. We use the latest technology and the best quality equipment, combined with our expert photography and editing skills, to create amazing aerial footage of your property, business, or location in Granite Bay, CA. Give us a call today for your free estimate!

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