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Sacramento Drone Videography: Aerial Views for your Business!

I think by now we all have seen at least one Aerial Video of Sacramento from a drone. If you haven’t already utilized Aerial Videography it’s time to start! The City of Sacramento has seen such a huge spike in growth and development it almost seems unreal.

With projects like the Golden 1 Center, Folsom Ranch, The Ice Blocks and numerous others across the county; clearly Sacramento is the new “place to be”. Essential Drone Videography Sacramento makes our city look great! Take a look at this great article on How Drones are Growing to be a huge market!


Many Real Estate Agents this year have an Aerial Video of almost every home they sell.  Combining Aerial Video footage of the property along with creative photography, matter port  virtual tours, and VR technology creates a package that no buyer can resist taking a look at.

Gaining experience and client feedback I can tell you that many listings lacking an Aerial Video and Photography will get fewer visits than those that do.   Why not wow new home owners with the highest quality visual imagery possible?  In 2017, Drone Videography in Real Estate is a MUST HAVE, and you could be hindering your business by not utilizing this tool.


From restaurants, hotels, boutiques, car dealerships; Aerial Productions are becoming an excellent way to share new vantage points with people on social media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp all play HUGE roles in a company’s success.   Simply giving customers the opportunity to see your business from an impressive angle earns brownie points.  Services like Drone Videography  will increase your web audience.

Perhaps they never knew the Sacramento Skyline was right behind your shop, or that an amazing landscape surrounded it.  Something a standard DSLR cannot do is capturing a bird’s eye view of the property.  Looking through our Aerial Video work you will most likely see rich and vibrant colors.  This signature look really can “WOW” anyone that views it!

Price vs Value: Is an Aerial Video truly worth the expense?

You may have been interested in having a Drone Video made for some time now.  But does it really create a value that will reap a big benefit?  When I think of marketing tools and the effect it will have on a person, I always end up back at emotion.  Did this photo, video, email, poster, create a stimulating and positive feeling after seeing it?  If it did I think it was successful.

That feeling goes onto much deeper physiological effects and it’s proven that if what you have keeps a client intrigued they are more likely to stick around, sign up, or buy your product.  We use Aerial Videography to create a feeling of community, happiness, and interest.  This is why I believe our services can be of huge value to almost any company, big or small.

Anyone notice the increase in Aerial Videos Lately?

I think this is a great thing!  Personally I have seen in the last 2 years a very large spike in various corporations’ utilizing aerial platforms for many different things. Community Home Builders, Construction Companies, Investors show progress and even important events in their project using aerial video.

  A start to finish project is always a great way to show new and existing clients.  Many investors who do not live in the state request such video when deciding on a particular investment.  I have finished several projects that stay internal and strictly used for investor/board member updates.  This is always a good thing as other involved can get status updates and reports.

Experience Counts when making Drone Video!

Having the knowledge and experience to react and control your environment while making an Aerial Video is paramount.  With so many factors involved in a production, a pilot’s attention to detail, surrounding areas, possible safety cautions, and early warning signs all come to mind.  Make sure you ask your Drone Pilot before take-off if the necessary pref light safety inspections have been performed.

This can be taking a look at battery health, propeller and mounting pieces, weather, Airman Notams, and weather conditions.  A bad sign is a pilot who says YES as soon as you let them know the project you have in mind.  If they aren’t asking more questions than you, look the other way and call another company.


While many think an Aerial Video is take off and land, they may be uneducated on how many things actually need to happen in order for a successful flight.  I mentioned several above, but a clear safety management system should be put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.  Even after all protocols have been put into place, electromagnetic interference, or an error caused by the manufacturer can occur.


I get asked this a lot by clients and new Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilots.  The first answer that comes to mind is “yes”.  How else can you confidently know the pilot you hired will get the shots you want or need?  I think the best analogy I can use to explain this would be an expert sculpture, or professional painter.

These experts create masterpieces, carefully planning and executing the skilled techniques in order to do what they know best. CREATE!  While you may not think an Aerial Video is in the same realm, it is closer than you think.  Many of us are Federally Licensed FAA Drone Pilots, but we are also film makers, photographers, artists in our own regard. When flying an unmanned aircraft distraction is the very last thing a pilot needs.

When real estate agents, producers, business owners are nearby, talking, and analyzing our every move it can be distracting. My best recommendations are too pre-plan with the pilot, show them examples of shots you’re interested in, discuss key vantage points, and an overall vision you may have for the finished product.  This ensures a clear communication, and once the drone lands you can view the footage!

Sacramento Drone Videography Applications:

-Real Estate

-Commercial Properties

-Home Developments



-Social Media

-3D Mapping

-Site Surveying



-El Dorado Hills



-Rancho Cordova


-Placer County

-West Sacramento



If you are looking for drone videography or aerial services in Sacramento, you have come to the right place at Coruscating Images. Give us a call today for a free estimate on your aerial video footage!

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