Elk Grove Aerial Photography- Pacific Modern Homes Inc.

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Elk Grove Aerial Photography: Pacific Modern Homes Inc.

This last month Coruscating Images has been continuing an ongoing project of Elk Grove Aerial Photography.  Pacific Modern Homes Inc wanted something that would differentiate themselves from other companies.  Having the opportunity to expand my reach from South Lake Tahoe to Malibu CA, Elk Grove felt like home as soon as I arrived.

I was greeted by their Marketing President, and asked to capture an Aerial Video of a home building project from start to finish in Wilton CA.  Along with a difficult task of flying my drone inside their factory to capture what they do in Elk Grove, the Bay Area, and around the country.

elk grove aerial photography

Pacific Modern Homes Inc. Factory

This project was different in the sense that they asked for a new age piece of marketing to show their dealers, and customers.  Sure I could have taken my DSLR and filmed on the ground, but I am always up for a project that tests my skills as a pilot.

elk grove aerial photography

Their factory builds roof trusses, sheaths walls, cuts wood with component saws, linear saws, and various other things.  This was something that needed planning, precision, a skilled Drone Pilot to pull off.  My Drone has many safety features like Obstacle Avoidance and Vision Sensors, but none would be of use here.

When flying indoors you  can forget all of these things.  Having over head lights, panels, metal and wood walls, with so many things inside the factory, I had to go manual.  Thankfully the new Phantom 4 was able to handle the tight squeeze and we took some great Aerial Video in there.

elk grove aerial photography

DJI’S Atti Mode: Not Crashing Indoors

The Factory here had many expensive specialty tools, and most importantly, PEOPLE!  I do not advise beginners to fly indoors until they are confident in their Pilot skills.  One wrong maneuver can cause an array of problems like crashing  your drone, or worse damaging a companies $250,000 linear saw.  Coruscating Images expert knowledge and experience in Aerial Construction was critical.  This kind of work can be the difference of a smooth project, or a catastrophe.

elk grove aerial photography

elk grove aerial photography


Keeping employees safe was my top priority, I carefully embarked on giving Pacific Modern Homes Inc an Aerial Video that would “wow” their clients.  This meant I could not rely on the Drone’s incredible safety features like Vision Positioning, and a steady hover.  Done by putting it into a specific mode from the remote controller . Some things Pilots should know about Atti or Attitude Mode in DJI’s Phantom 4.

  • Speeds up to 48 mph
  • Disables GPS system (will drift if not controlled manually)
  • Works better for indoor flying
  • Increase flight time on Phantom 4
  • With GPS mode indoors, Vision Positioning can cause a crash
  • Practice Practice Practice flying in Atti Mode
  • Do not take off in Atti Mode (enable once you’re in the air)

aerial photography real estatw

Capturing Aerial Photography in Elk Grove

Coruscating Images has worked on several  Sacramento Aerial Photography projects almost every part of the area and it surrounding cities.  Elk Grove was a place that practically the last city that I had yet to capture from the sky.

The city is the fastest growing in the Sacramento region, rapidly gaining new residents.   Along with a new Mall coming this next year, the city continues to create something special.

elk grove aerial photography

elk grove aerial photography

My goal is to show everyone the beauty and pride very city here posses.  Proud and humbled, my Elk Grove Aerial Photography inis continuing, please stay tuned and explore this dynamic place that offers families the very best way of life.

Coruscating Images: Quality that can’t be Surpassed

We offer the very best Aerial Images and Video here, making it a personal mission to give everyone an experience that no one else will.  Whether its Real Estate, Parks and Recreation, City Events, Construction Projects, Coruscating Images will be there to ensure craftsmanship.

Elk Grove aerial photography

I look forward to hearing from you regarding any Elk Grove Aerial Photography or Video project.  Each assignment is different, and my passion to create takes an assignment from the ground to the sky. Contact me at any time!

Working in all areas of California, no job is too far or big.  I hope you enjoyed this blog, keep an eye out for more of these stunning photographs.

Elk Grove aerial photography


aerial photography elk grove





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