Folsom Aerial Video: Lifetime Athletic Construction Progression

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Folsom Aerial Video: Lifetime Athletic Club Growing Quickly!

Coruscating Images provides the best Aerial Drone Services in Folsom, and the Lifetime Athletic Club is an ongoing project we have been filming.  This 1117,000 sq. foot construction site will soon be home to Lifetime Fitness’ second facility in the Sacramento area.  If you have ever seen the site in Roseville, you know that this company spares no expense and provides the finest fitness center in the city.  Our Folsom Aerial Video footage will no doubt create a bigger economy and artistry for any business.

Since June there has been a sense of urgency to push forward and make this Athletic Oasis come closer to its opening day.  A wait list for new members has already formed, it is expected to potentially eliminate outdated Gym’s in Folsom.  Many will be tempted to leave places like 24 hour fitness and join the already infamous Lifetime Fitness center in Roseville.  The best thing is that now there will no more commute across the Dam Bridge!

Folsom Aerial Video

Aerial Photography Folsom Lifetime Athletic

Aerial Video Folsom

Folsom Aerial Photography Lifetime Athletic

Folsom Aerial Video

Aerial Photography Folsom Construction Site

Folsom’s Summer Construction: Aerial Views of Exciting New Places

Using a drone to film construction work has been somewhat of our specialty this summer.  Using precise flight mapping, an experienced pilot can capture views that bring an average construction site to life!  We provide Aerial Video and Photography to some of the biggest companies in Sacramento, Lifetime Athletic Club falls into the same category.  Here are some of the few places we have created cinematic Aerial Video in.

  • El Dorado Hills
  • Placerville
  • Folsom
  • Rancho Cordova
  • Roseville
  • Lincoln
  • Sacramento
  • West Sacramento
  • South Lake Tahoe
  • Bay Area


Folsom Aerial Video

Aerial Photography West Sacramento

Folsom Aerial Video

Aerial Photography Real Estate Folsom

How Aerial Video is helping the City of Folsom:

Our quality speaks for itself, I made a commitment to provide Folsom and the entire Sacramento region with the highest quality video and imagery using a drone that you can find on the market.  Coruscating Images has the knowledge and skill to cover and type of construction site, or event.   Folsom is a growing town with numerous home builders eager to bring neighborhoods and residents the best of their work.  New business’ coming here can see for themselves how my  Aerial Videos can make an exciting entrance into the town.

Folsom Aerial Video

Aerial Photography in El Dorado Hills

My recent Aerial Videos in Folsom is reaching new buyers looking for a home and or business lot already!  More important than anything, is the idea of Aerial Video by Coruscating, and the city is making Folsom great!  I can’t see any other way on my end than to show some of the most exciting new projects happening this summer.  My Folsom Aerial Video and Photography become and industry standard.

  • Palladio Shopping Center
  •  Old Folsom and the Historic Sutter St
  • The Johnny Cash Trail Progression
  • HC Elliot Homes in Empire Ranch
  • The Folsom Chamber of Commerce Business Expo
  • Lifetime Athletic Construction Progress
  • Sac State Aquatic Center off Hazel Ave
  • Commercial Property Video
  • Real Estate Listings
Folsom Aerial Video

Aerial Real Estate Photography Sacramento

 The difference in Coruscating Images: Putting Quality First

When you are looking for a pilot to do your Aerial Video in Folsom check out mulitple people.  There are great artists in the city and no doubt Drone Video and Photography stems from a passion to create most of us all have.  I question anyone looking to hire someone for your next job to look at the quality of their work.  Is their Aerial Video properly color graded, does it tell a story?  Do you get excited when you see the Aerial Photography  produced, will your customers?

Folsom Aerial Video

Lifetime Athletic Aerial Photography

Most importantly is the experience needed to efficiently pull off the project envisioned by the Client.   Coruscating Images has created a signature look in the Commercial Photography Industry, now in the world of Sacramento Aerial Photography.  The bright vibrant colors, and ultra high definition Aerial Videos recorded in 4k get no better.  Equipped with some of the worlds best technology, you can spot the our look from a mile away.

Folsom Aerial Video

Commercial Aerial Photography El Dorado Hills

Let Coruscating Images make the difference for you!

The passion I have for creating Aerial Video in Sacramento and Folsom is apparent.  Most of my days I spend figuring out how I can transform this art into tangible keepsakes that will bring communities and residents closer.  I offer Canvas Metal Wrap prints of almost any place you can imagine.  Whether its for office decor, or a painting style house warming gift,  Aerial Photography of Sacramento and Folsom can benefit almost anyone.

The difference is quality, and experience you can trust.  From Construction, to Real Estate, Events, Property Canvasing, Commercial, anything you can imagine, we can create for you!  The highest quality  Aerial Drone Video Company is here to make your Brand better.  Contact Us today regarding Aerial Video of Photography Services!





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