Promontory Community Park – Aerial Photography El Dorado Hills

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El Dorado Hills Community Services District

The Promontory Community Park – Aerial Photography El Dorado Hills

Living in the Montecito neighborhood, I have seen the Promontory Park from early construction stages to its opening day.  I knew that something big was coming.  Sitting almost center of our community, my family and I knew it was going to be something awesome.  Instantly you can tell that this park was made for sports and families.  The El Dorado Hills Community Service District, along with multiple sports organizations and residents can be thanked for this 19-acre beauty that has now became a staple in the town.  Its sophisticated layout reminds me almost of a theme park for kids, with giant flower and butterfly structures transforming into an exciting water spray ground area.  From tennis to soccer, softball and baseball, the Promontory Park still remains one of the best family visits in the area.

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Amenities you and the kids can enjoy:

  • A huge turf sports area commonly used for soccer
  • Water spray area that will have the kids playing for hours
  • Picnic and BBQ area
  • Lighted girls soft ball field
  • Lighted tennis courts
  • Lighted bocce courts
  • Colorful Childrens play structures

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Great Park for Kids and Adults in El Dorado Hills

Even though its appearance seems a fantasy get away for kids, the park offers many activities adults can participate in.  I often see the Tennis and Softball field used by adult sports teams each weekend.  Been looking for a co-ed softball or soccer team?  You can see various groups out there daily.  Come Saturday and Sunday expect to see sports and more sports even into the nightfall.  The park opens at sunrise and closes at sundown, so families have all day access to this wonderful place.   The El Dorado Hills Community Services district have been here in El Dorado Hills since 1962.  To this day they are actively making our town a better place hosting multiple community events each week.  Their mission statement is “Enhance the quality of life for El Dorado Hills Residents through innovative, responsible leadership and by providing superior services and facilities.”

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Improving daily life here in El Dorado Hills

Like Coruscating Images, the EDHCSD is dedicated to quality and constantly finding new ways to improve daily life here in El Dorado Hills.  Selfless organizations that truly care about the people is something a lot of places don’t get every day.  It can be easy to overlook the small things they do for us. Like preserving the parks and environment, makes us indebted to their services.  They also organize a large array of classes for kids/teens, like a summer reading club, or swim lessons.  Some other things they are doing this summer include:

  • A free skate park (helmets and pads if you’re under 18)
  • Summer concerts in the park
  • Gymnastics and Cheer lessons
  • Summer Day Camp Mon-Fri
  • Sports Camps
  • Science and Flight classes for kids
  • Teen center (6th grade and up)

The list goes on and on.  If you have children, I don’t think there is a better place to check out than EDHCSD.  As I’ve said in my previous blog, the community of El Dorado Hills is one in a million when it comes to delivering quality to the people who live here.  There are wonderful and special things taking place this year, you just have to get out and get involved!

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