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If you are looking for an Aerial View of your Real Estate listing, we have what you need here at Coruscating Images!

Residential Real Estate Marketing is now more important than ever, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Sacramento County Particularly hard.  This is a great way to market a home if the buyer is unable to visit in person.  A virtual tour of the property is safe, easy and is ever more important as consumers are doing more and more shopping online through a tablet or smartphone.  Drone Photography for Real Estate not only shows a birds-eye view of the estate, but it can also highlight the surrounding neighborhood, parks nearby, features that a still camera is unable to capture properly.

Sacramento Aerial Real Estate Photography SacramentoSacramento Aerial Real Estate Photography Sacramento

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Aerial Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours

Sacramento is building new homes at a faster rate than ever before, adding Aerial Photographs to your website, MLS listing, and social media page is a sure way to display a model home, even a new community being built.  This can come in handy for the Real Estate Agent, Home Developer in the different stages of building, solar company, and even pool builders who are rushing to make these homes ready to move in.  By driving more traffic to the home the chances someone will fall in love with it by seeing an Aerial image is inevitable.  According to Sacramento County is the hottest real estate market in 2021.   Make no mistake we will see historic price trends and it means the better marketing someone has for their home, the faster it will sell.

The Key to Perfect Aerial Footage of a Home

You have seen many Drone shots of residential homes, even hired a photographer in the past who can deliver these services, the key to capturing the perfect aerial image is all about the time of day, lighting, and getting the right angle that really shows off the property.  If you are getting free aerial shots included with your photography package, the chances it will be spectacular is low.  This process takes planning, time, and if it’s just “included” as apart of your package unlikely it is that you will receive a high-quality artistic drone image of the home you are selling.  Do your research and compare companies in the Sacramento area to make sure the Aerial footage you get is awe-inspiring, breathtaking, stand-out content that will actually make an impact when someone views it.

Backyard Shots that You cant Get Otherwise

What happens if your home listing in on a hill, in a ravine, or a 20,000 sq ft lot that is commonly seen in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, this is where a lot of value can come from using drone shots.  It can be impossible sometimes from the ground, not always,  but in my experience, once drones became a tool for real estate photography I was so relieved in these circumstances.  Let me show you some examples of backyard images that can be taken with a normal DSLR camera.

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