Golden 1 Center’s Commitment to the Environment

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Sacramento Aerial Photography: Golden 1 Center’s Commitment to the Environment

In October 2014 the city of Sacramento changed forever.  Architect AECOM and Turner Construction set out to bring our city back to life.  Not only is the Golden 1 Center one of the most technologically advanced structures, it is leading the way in green energy.  Everything about the design comes from an environmentally conscious standpoint.  I am excited to bring you up close and personal, showing the very best Sacramento Aerial Photography.  This blog discusses some of the Golden 1 center’s history, along with how its making advances in safe energy design.  We have some spectacular things to look forward too.  Coruscating Image’s aerial photography and video show the new stadiums brilliance.  aerial photography golden one center

About the Golden 1 Center: A new era of technology

  • Began construction in 2014
  • LEED Gold Certified ( U.S Green Building Council)
  • NBA’s first 4k Ultra HD screen displaying game
  • The most connected venue ever (17,000 times faster than home wifi)
  • “Smart Building” interactive connectivity
  • Holds 17,500 attendees

AEMCO is a world renowned architect, responsible for the 2012 Olympic Park in London, we have the best of the best designing our new stadium.  The really amazing thing about AEMCO is that they are doing everything to keep the work local, giving our city a huge advantage and recognition.  The 535 million dollars it is taking to build this arena is for the most part staying right here in the city.

Along with local companies participating, our new Sacramento Kings stadium will bring an estimated 1.6 million new visitors to Sacramento!  The Golden One Center is something to truly make every resident here in Sacramento Proud! I can anticipate every NBA stadium being just a bit envious of what we have.  Here is true craftsmanship of the outer panels being done July 1st, 2016.Sacramento aerial photography

LEED CERTIFIED: Green Energy and Sacramento

The United States Green Building Council is an organization who certifies buildings or projects on their level of environmental safety, and is now a standard here in the country.  The Golden One Center is said to be one of the world’s most advanced buildings, knowing they are leading the way in safe energy is something most will overlook.  Sacramento is known as the “City of Trees”, and AEMCO definetly kept that in mind by becoming LEED Certified.  I was able to get a first hand look alongside Kovach Building Enclosures.  Marveling  at the high tech Metal Composite Material used for the Golden One Center’s panels.  Here is a close up of the most durable and efficient facades in the world.

aerial photography golden one center

Sacramento Kings: The world’s most advanced stadium

Imagine our city being the desire of every single NBA team in America..  The Golden One Center is going to do just that, by pioneering a new era of architecture and design.  It’s all the small details AEMCO has done to make sure we have the absolute best experience when we visit the Arena.  Bringing the very latest technology to us, this is history in the making.  We loved the Arco Arena, but it wasn’t the “place” to be on a Friday night or weekend.  We loved the King’s through the good and bad times right there.  Remaining Sacramento Proud, this new venue is no doubt going to instill a revamped sense of community pride, bringing us closer together.  Beside’s the NBA, we can look forward to viewing the NCAA Men’s Division Tournament right here in town.  Sports fans, and non  sports fans will have a blast with games and concerts to come.

sacramento photography basketball

Aerial and Commercial Photography: Golden One Center in a new light

Coruscating Images has been recognized for its stunning Sacramento Aerial Photography and commercial work.  My goal is to make our city look and feel truly royal.  So many exciting projects and events are unfolding here in Sacramento.  I am committed to bringing everyone the highest quality, the same way AEMCO and every developer is with our new Golden One Center.  If you are also Sacramento Proud please enjoy the views!  More will be coming as we continue to see our new Sacramento Kings Venue progress.  Thank you for giving us your very best work, while not sacraficing quality or the environment! sacramento photography solar energyaerial photography sacramento



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