Sac State Aquatic Center: Aerial Photography in Sacramento

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Sac State Aquatic Center

Summer in Sacramento-Aerial Photography in Sacramento

Anyone from the Sacramento Area has surely had the urge to explore the American River.  Our summers are hot; and sometimes the only sensible thing to do is spend your day in a body of water. The Sacramento State Aquatic Center, right off Highway 50 and Hazel Avenue has been a prominent land mark for families.  If you’re looking for somewhere to cool off, maybe try kayaking for the first time, you can’t beat the customer service and trained staff here.  Coruscating Images specializes in Aerial Photography in Sacramento, this video shows the vast facility and the locally famous Nimbus Dam.

aerial photography sacramento state university aquatic center

First Day at the Aquatic Center

I remember the first time I had went paddle boarding.  It was 2009 mid-day in August, I grew up wake boarding, but thought paddle boarding to be a less exciting kid activity.  I never went to the Aquatic Center before, (besides passing it almost every day for the last ten years) off the Hazel Avenue exit on US Highway 50.  I arrived and the place was packed, parents and kids, teenagers, just about every age group was there either hanging out.  I made it out to the dock and was approached by an enthusiastic Sacramento State student.  .He went over some safety precautions, and let me know if there were any problems they would be able to quickly to assist me.

So I was off.. Into the American River with a paddle, life vest, and my life. I may be over exaggerating, because once I got the hang of it, I had a blast. Being so close to the Sac State Aquatic Center and never experiencing it had me second guessing myself. To me it always just looked like a kids water center as I drove past it on the freeway. I now realize that this place was utopia for water lovers. Taking these aerial images and video couldn’t have taken place on a better day. Here you can see a small portion of the Aquatic Center.

sacramento state university aquatic center aerial photography

Activities the whole family can enjoy

I live very close to Folsom Lake’s Beal’s Point, and have been an avid wake boarder for my entire life. I think at around 25 years old I started to realize my body wasn’t forgiving when jumping a wake and crashing as it was when I was in high school. I find gratitude in realizing this, and now being able to kayak, paddle board seems more appropriate. On a hot summer day, it’s easy to go hang out at the lake, barbecue, and play Frisbee. But that becomes repetitive after years of doing it, and the drought hasn’t helped with my love for wake boarding.

Now I can confidently  bring my entire family out to a safe environment that I know will keep them entertained.  Without embarrassing myself, I am able show everyone how to paddle board! (even if its not hard to learn).  Some of the many things you can enjoy at the Aquatic Center include

  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Barbecuing
  • Wind Surfing
  • Jet ski’s
  • Summer camp and private lessons

aerial photography sacramento state university aquatic center

Recognized for their commitment to Safety

Key values include integrity and customer focus.
The main focus here is SAFETY.  The center has done amazing job training staff, and students to help new comers on proper procedures and precautions.  The National Safe Boating Council deemed the Aquatic Center worthy of their Boating Education Advancement Award, recognizing them for creating a better relationship for safe boating practices between national, state and local organizations.

Capturing the Nimbus Dam, and Sac State Aquatic Center from an aerial perspective was something special.  From the aerial video I did you can see the quality they put into their facility. Now thousands of local residents can enjoy a safe day at the American River and Nimbus Dam.  Like myself Im sure many of us don’t see the bigger picture as to what students and faculty are doing every day to make our community amazing.  After discovering the rich history here I can truly appreciate the place I’ve  been aimlessly driving past for so long.

Long Story Short:

  • Bring your friends and family to the Sac State Aquatic Center!
  • Explore the American River
  • Check out the summer camps and classes offered here
  • Have a fun and safe Summer

aerial photography sac state aquatic center 03

Stay tuned for more aerial photography and video of the great things happening in Sacramento!

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