Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying Photography

Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying Photography:

Sacramento is undergoing more redevelopment in 2017 then ever before.  From Elk Grove to El Dorado Hills, and Placer County, there is a huge number of Commercial Property owners leasing their lots to small business’.  We specialize in Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying and 3D Mapping, along with many other Commercial Aerial Applications

A great way to showcase lots, parcels of land, development sites, construction projects is through Drone Surveying.  This gives potential buyers a clear view of the land, and its surrounding community.

These lots quickly rise into the multi million dollar range, and has  several Developers and Investors seeking new ways to display each  to clients.  Specializing in Sacramento Drone Site Surveying, Coruscating Images has worked with dozens of Developers and Commercial Property Owners in the area to bring new views of their lots.

Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying

Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying: Show Buyers the latest Technology

Many times the “Behind the scenes” surveying videos are only seen by investors and large corporations.  For example, an investor may own a multi acre piece of land in a prime area here in Sacramento.  There goal is to have a hotel lease this land and become a long term tenant of the property.  Lets face it, a lot of times showing images and video from the ground can’t truly give people a real sense of placement, community and emotion to their future luxury hotel.

sacramento aerial site surveying


Thus, creating a huge new market for Sacramento Aerial  Site Surveying.  The applications for this type of data is endless.  From 3D mapping, construction progress, and marketing material, an aerial photo or video can be much more powerful than anything else.

Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying: 3D Mapping

As the Industrial Industry comes to the forefront of Sacramento, we are proud to introduce Aerial 3D Mapping to our services.  Even better our new Aerial platform provides the highest quality and accurate Geotiff files for the  exact reference on Google Earth .

Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying

Now development and data analysis is one flight away.  Area and other measurements can be created in the hour.  A high resolution 3D model of your commercial building, land parcel, or agricultural lot will be easily accessible.  Ready for presentations, code inspections and countless other applications, Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying is the future, taking your project ahead of the rest.  Contact Us today to find out more about Sacramento Aerial Site Surveying and Coruscating Images.

Aerial Site Survey Sacramento


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