Sacramento Drone: FAA’s Part 107

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Sacramento Drone Photography and Video

What you need to know about Part 107 of the FAA

This last month and a half has been a swarm projects including the Sacramento King’s Golden One Center, and various home builders in the Bay Area.  The next blog we will discuss how you can monetize the Dji Phantom’s video and photos into your career.

Today I wanted to go over new part 107 to Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations on SUAV’s and commercial use. The expanding  Sacramento Drone usage,  and their value comes to formal commercial regulations which ensure safety.

sacramento drone

FAA’s New Part 107 Regulation:

Being such an expanding market, the expected UAV sales are to hit around 7 million by 2020.  Now a much less complicated version of the Section 333 Exemption will be available starting late August 2016.  Some of the new regulations include:

  • The minimum age for a Remote Pilot in Command is now 16-years-old.
  • The maximum altitude has been changed to 400 feet AGL
  • There is a read, speak, write and understand English requirement
  • Current Part 61 manned aircraft certificate holders will only have to take and pass an online test

Sacramento Drone

Why its important to Videographers/ Photographers

What this means for the new photographer turning their Phantom into a profitable tool is one test away!  If you haven’t yet, I strongly advise anyone looking to become Certified for Commercial Drone use to visit and register for the Unmanned Aircraft Test beginning August 29th, 2016.  For those becoming apart of the growing Sacramento Drone community, this blog should be informative!

Dji’s New Update: GEO System:

The main reason I decided to get the Phantom 4 was for its revolutionary obstacle avoidance sensors, and intelligent flight modes.  Dji has taken this to another level with their Geo System update.  It now recognizes when your UAV is near a restricted or semi-restricted flying zone.  If you try to proceed further into that area your Phantom will now stop and hover in place.

How amazing is that!  For a novice pilot it can be easy to confuse our complicated airspace.  Now Dji does most of the work for you! Check out their latest video on the update!  Refer to DJI’s website for more information on how it can help your Sacramento Drone Photography.

sacramento drone

Sacramento Drone

Fly Safe, and Smart:

Everyone considering a career or hobby in the UAV realm will be accountable for their own actions.  Common sense is the main factor in maintaining a fun and safe experience while using your Dji Phantom.  Calibrate your compass before each flight, check aircraft and propeller condition.  Always be conscious of your city’s regulations.  Check weather, and have a plan for your flight.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to myself or the staff at Mikes Camera. For Sacramento drone pilots, always fly safe and fly smart!

Sacramento drone

Many great resources can also be found on the FAA’s website.   We are committed to bringing the community here together through education and awareness.  I will be starting a study group here in Sacramento for the upcoming 107 certifications, it is always good to meet and know more fellow pilots.

Experience in Sacramento’s Industry

Aerial Photography in Sacramento is what Coruscating Images Specializes in.  Having the flying experience in this industry does many things for the client.  It ensures your hired Aerial Photographer understands when it’s safe to fly, and is up to date with real time airspace notifications.

Sacramento drone

Whether in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, Placerville, the Bay Area, rest easy because Coruscating Images has flown these regions, and will give the best experience when bring Aerial Video and Drone work to your business.  Here is some of my recent work in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.  Contact Us today for more information!

Sacramento drone

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