Sacramento Drone Photography: Fog & Flying

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Sacramento Drone Photography: Flying in Fog

As the fall and winter seasons come closer, the weather is changing.  With gorgeous foliage and cloud formations, an Aerial Photographer’s prime idea of capturing powerful imagery.  While this is true, I wanted to give some tips on weather .  Bringing awareness to Sacramento Drone Photography is the focus today.

Sacramento Drone Photography

Showing new and future pilots why fog and specific weather conditions will have a bad affect on their Drone. You’ll want to practice safety on a case by case basis, knowing the basics will make that easier.   Providing high quality Sacramento Drone Photography, we are here to educate clients and others in the community.

Sacramento Drone Photography

Coruscating Images specializes in Sacramento Drone Photography and Videography, and holds an FAA Part 107 Airmen Certificate.  This blog I will go over some different types of cloud formations, what it does to your SUAS, how to get accurate information when planning a flight in Sacramento, and promote overall safety.

Sacramento Drone Photography: Safety Risk Assessment

Before each flight its imperative we do a few initial things to ensure proper safety and proper aircraft performance.  This is mandated by the FAA as a Safety Risk Assessment, and Preflight Inspection of your aircraft .

Aerial Drone Photography

Per your drones manufacturer guide, you want to inspect the SUAS for anything that may affect its performance, look for loose screws, any body or remote damage, and the actual battery you’ll be using.

Remote Control connection, proper compass calibration, all play a role in your preflight inspection and safety risk assessment.  Here’s an example of the type of Log you want to keep for your records.

sacramento drone photography


Along with the physical inspection of your aircraft, which should be performed each time you fly, its critical to take additional steps before your flight take off.  Its a good idea the night before to make a checklist of a few things.

Planning a flight is such an important aspect, here are a few things you’ll want to look at prior to a flight.  Image below is a local Aeronautical Chart of Placerville Airport, showing which class airspace it’s in, the radio frequencies used.

Sacramento Drone Photography


I highly recommend checking NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) for any area you plan to operate in.  Depending on the Airspace, you may need to contact the Control Tower, or get a COA for your specific flight.

This seems like a lot to take in, but every Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command will need to learn how to identify airspace, weather, and temporary flight restrictions.  Passing your Part 107 exam relies heavily on your ability to identify airspace, weather, and NOTAMS.

sacramento drone photography

Coruscating Images takes every step possible to ensure a safe and fun time, when searching for a Sacramento Drone Photographer, its important pilots are educated and experienced.

  • Your local weather forecast
  • Who’s airspace you may be near or flying in
  • Possible on the ground hazards in that particular area
  • Possible Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR’s)

Sacramento Drone Photography

Why fog and Drones don’t get along:

I want to ensure anyone looking for Aerial Photography and Videography is choosing the right pilot for the job.  Also new and future pilots, even hobbyist flyers are tempted to fly on a day with fog, or unstable air and moisture in the atmosphere.

sacramento drone photography

Not saying you can’t fly in this conditions, you’ll want to get current information.  To achieve a safe and successful flight its vital we recognize the difference between safe conditions and unsafe conditions. Here are some things fog can do to a drone.

  • Reduced visibility (FAA Regulations 3 miles visibility)
  •  Decreased performance
  • Increasing chance of internal malfunction during flight
  • Probability of hidden problems in the future from condensation in rotors, battery etc

Sacramento Drone Photography

Learning how to read a Metar, and understanding textural weather, it becomes easier to see how fog can form.  When the temperature and dew point meet, visible moisture and fog will begin to form.  There are three different types of fog.

  • Radiation Fog (when temperature rises, and wind is introduced, radiation fog goes away)
  • Advection Fog : warm moist air over a cold surface (like water) fog forms when the temperature drops (similar to Bay Bridge Fog in the morning)
  • Precipitation Fog/Steam Fog: Most common during rainfall

Sacramento Drone Photography: Fly safe, fun, learn Weather!

From fog types, to cloud formations, wind speeds and directions, learning how to accurately obtain weather reports will ensure you have a fun and safe time flying your drone.  When it comes to Commercial Aerial Photography, this is crucial to the safety of your crew, the property and people involved.

sacramento drone photography

Complete a Safety Risk Assessment before deciding to fly in medium/high winds/ and possible moist air.  Knowing what type of fog or weather is suitable for your SUAS displays your professionalism, and expertise in the field.  Not all fog is bad, and certainly you can determine the moisture and wind levels easily.  So plan accordingly, and have fun!

Sacramento Drone Photography  Coruscating Images continues to bring innovating, fun, and safe Sacramento Drone Photography.  I hope this blog educated future and new Remote Pilots, along with future clients in need of Aerial Photography and Videography in Sacramento.

sacramento drone photography

The more educated you are, the better experience you can bring to the community.  A company looking for Drone Photography will appreciate your education, making their jobs easier.  For phone apps, check out Hover, and for weather and NOTAM updates take a look at!  Feel free to Contact Us today with any questions you may have!

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