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Coruscating Images is a high quality Sacramento Drone Service company tailoring to most business owners in the region.  You probably have asked yourself, “what exactly can drones provide us”?  That question is now amongst most Commercial Business’ or Marketing Firms.  Lets take a deeper dive into the Drone Services we provide in Sacramento.


Real Estate Videography & Photography: Makes Homes Shine!

By now this is probably repetitive seeing how quickly the Drone Market expanded in California, specifically in the Real Estate Sector.  Almost every listing on or Redfin is showing Aerial Views of newly listed homes.  Personally I think its great to see more Real Estate Agents embracing this technology.  Clearly we all now Drone Videography of Real Estate Listings can boost views, even help makes everyone’s life more efficient.  Find out more how our Sacramento Drone Services have already made a difference!

If the potential buyer enjoys the video posted, they can schedule a walk in, the agent already has a warm lead knowing they saw something they liked about the home, or even surrounding neighborhood.  If you are a Real Estate Agent and want to know more about incorporating these Drone Services into your listings, we are always here to answer questions.


Sacramento Drone Services: Commercial Lots too!

2017 has Commercial Real Estate Investors in Sacramento buying up lots left and right.  Forbes Magazine has Sacramento ranked in the top 20 best Real Estate Investment cities in the United States, and that cannot be taken lightly. Our Sacramento  Drone Service’s show potential investors shopping malls, strip malls ready for lease, and new developments in Sacramento almost ready for companies to land their newest location.

Take a look at our recent Aerial Video of the Downtown Commons Area next to the Golden 1 Center.  An epicenter for new growth and community gathering in the city has been the talk of 2017.  Another great example is the Folsom Ranch South of 50 Development in Folsom CA.  Over ten thousand new homes are already in the early construction phase.  A shopping center, and nearly twenty thousand new jobs are coming to this small town outside of Sacramento.

This type of  Sacramento Drone Service would entail things like Site Surveying, Construction Progression, and New updates used for social media purposes to keep the community informed.  Residents love to see the latest about what is going on in their city, we help facilitate that in a spectacular fashion.

Drones in Construction: Sacramento’s Building Frenzy

From Elk Grove, Roseville and Rocklin, Folsom, Downtown and West Sacramento you can see the construction going on each day.  Our Aerial Drone Services play a big role in making General Contractor and Architect’s lives’ a little easier.  By using high quality 3D Maps they are able to track their project with centimeter level accuracy.  NDVI readings, plant health, and data analysis never has been easier then with Drones.

Many sites often have investors that aren’t directly involved in the construction aspect, but rely heavily on update reports and construction management teams.  When an investor is out of state and wants to know a status here in Sacramento, we provide Aerial Video of the Site along with Cardinal point images.  So they have accurate information on their investment.  The convenience factor here has made many companies much more efficient.

Corporate Art: Aerial Views that WOW Customers!

One of my personal favorite applications we deliver as a part of our Aerial Drone Services is the Wall Art.  Yes this trend is increasingly growing more popular!  Who wants to use generic stock images of Sacramento anymore?  Why not create and tailor a custom masterpiece in your new restaurant, pub, or medical office.  Typically art galleries handle the corporate designs of Commercial buildings, but we are getting calls left and right from them!

Don’t settle for mediocracy when you can truly stand out!  A metal canvas framed Aerial View of your city or establishment will surely make customers proud to be apart of Sacramento, and most likely spark emotions making them repeat customers.  Below you can see an example of our art inside LA FIESTA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT on Alhambra Blvd in Sacramento.

These are completely custom jobs, specifically designed to your requests, and I feel there is no better way to support your local community by giving them something exquisite to view!

Community Developments: Custom Lots, Senior Communities & More!

Our goal has always been to bring residents and business’ closer together through the use of Aerial Photography and Videography.  We feel this can be done on so many levels it gets hard to list them all!  Our love for Sacramento and it’s surrounding area’s has also been with the beautiful custom homes, and superb level of Senior Care provided by numerous organizations.

When your custom neighborhood is ready for new families to unpack and leave the Bay Area (pun intended), show them the real brilliance offered by a custom gated community in Sacramento.  Some of our biggest clients create unimaginable luxury lots, and they are using Drone Services on a regular basis.  Check out our recent Aerial Videos of the Communities here in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Granite Bay.

Many are retiring and moving up to Sacramento from the Bay area.  The great news is we have a great senior community with luxury apartments and condos to boot.  Many of these are on your own living with tremendous amenities resembling resorts in the Bahamas.

Showing new retiree’s the community you offer using Aerial Photography and Video can really make a difference.  Our short one to two minute fly overs can instantly make an impact.  Noticing a signature look to our work yet?  This is because we only utilize the best available lighting conditions when providing Sacramento Drone Services to local clients.  Making your final product stand out significantly compared to others.

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