Using Drones for Real Estate: Sacramento

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Using Drones for Real Estate Photography: Sacramento

For the last few years, Real Estate Companies have seen a complicated option to marketing their new Home Listings.  The option of using Drones for Real Estate and to showcase a new property was complex.  Blurred  between lines of privacy and liability issues.

using a drone

Using Drones For Real Estate

In August when the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate was put into effect it, a new opportunity for Commercial Real Estate began.  Making some of those guidelines less complicated for Real Estate Agents wanting to use Aerial Photography and Videography.

using a drone

Using Drones for Real Estate Videography:

This year, using drones in the Real Estate Industry has sky rocketed.  Not only does using a drone have many benefits to the buyer and seller, it brings once before impossible views.  Aerial Videography is a powerful tool when listing a new home.  Taking advantage of the way an Aerial Video can benefit all parties, it’s not a suprise using drones in Sacramento Real Estate has risen.

Specializing in Aerial Real Estate Photography, Coruscating Images has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in California.  Being an industry with multiple layers, the benefits to using a drone uplift more than just Home Buying Markets.  Other applications some may not realize are:

  • Construction Aerial Photography
  • Custom Pool Builders
  • Landscape Aerial Photography
  • Residential Solar Installation
  • Progress Home Building Videography
  • Community Developers showing their new neighborhood
  • Commercial Lots selling land to Hotel, Restaurants etc.

Using a Drone

using a drone

Privacy, Safety, Community Awareness:

Real Estate Agencies and the FAA have been battling a very unique question,  Airspace and Privacy.  How do they go hand in hand?  Is public airspace and flying over private property invasion of privacy? This has had many Real Estate Agents and sellers contemplating using a drone sometimes shy away from the idea.  The short version, Class G Airspace below 500ft is technically “unregulated” airspace.


Long version is that Class G ground level to 500ft is regulated for Commercial UAV Pilots under the Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Administration.  Although privacy is still a very grey area , the FAA recommends UAV pilots to follow the “Voluntary Best Practices for UAS Privacy, Transparency, and Safety.”  Some things that make Aerial Real Estate Photography and Videography more neighborly are:

  • Letting neighbors know when and why you will be flying a UAV
  • If you can easily avoid flying over private property, do so
  • Having neighbors on both sides sign a “Notice of SUAV Operations”
  • Fly responsibly and keep your UAV in line of sight at all times
  • Perform Safety Inspection of UAV before flight

using a drone

 Using a Drone for Real Estate: Commercial Properties

using a drone for real estate

Typically our clients fall into the Commercial Aerial Photography realm.  Home Designers and Investors selling properties to another entity, such as a hotel or casinos.  Using Aerial Views of their large properties give their buyers a vision.  Being able to see from above can make for less travel, since many do not live in California.


Construction companies use Aerial Videography to show progress, 3D mapping, and various other applications.  Using a drone for Real Estate in the Commercial Industry has many benefits, increasing its popularity over the years.  We have been filming countless Aerial Construction Projects this year, and its become one of my favorite type of projects.

using a drone for real estate

Using a Drone for Real Estate

Using a Drone For Real Estate

using a drone for real estate

 Can your Company benefit from using a drone?

Whether you own a small business, a general contracting company, or sell homes in the Sacramento region; using a drone may be the next best thing in your marketing arsenal.

From experience, many of my clients have been able to touch the emotions of their target market.  Creating excitement around their new Home Listing, Large Commercial Property, and community development, using a drone safely will transform the way you see things.

Using a drone

Real Estate Fly Over Tours in 4k:

Being able to show your home from this view is already amazing.   Using drones for Real Estate Videography a huge advantage of utilizing a 4k video resolution.  Typically seen with expensive DSLR cameras, its a high quality way of showing your property.  While most people do not even have the ability to truly see 4k with most computer,TV, or phone screens, they are becoming more affordable.  Personally I love shooting in 4k, with the option for others to watch in a default High Definition resolution, this is future proofing, because now they do make affordable monitors that can see 4k.

We offer entire Real Estate Photography Packages:

I often talk to Real Estate Agents not just looking for Aerial Videography, but rather Aerial Photography/Video, Interior Video, Exterior Photography, and Interior Photography.  No one wants to hire two photographers for one listing.  Luckily Coruscating Images offers entire Real Estate packages that can meet the needs of any Agent. Here are some still images that you can expect when hiring us:

using a droneusing a droneusing a drone

Aerial Real Estate Photography in Sacramento:

We work in Sacramento, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, South Lake Tahoe, Placerville, Granite Bay, and the Central Valley, but love to travel California! Feel free to Contact Us today, and see if using a drone for your next project makes sense! Have a new home, or large scale property getting ready to sell? Check out my other Aerial Real Estate Work here!

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