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We are passionate about creating the best Aerial Photography Sacramento has viewed!

Here at Coruscating Images, we are proud to provide the best Aerial (drone) Photography Sacramento has seen. We specialize in aerial landscapes, residential real estate, commercial real estate and construction aerial photography. You can enjoy having gorgeous, high-quality aerial photos and footage to show your potential customers and clients when they come to visit your web page or property listing. Get on the cutting edge of marketing photography with aerial drone photography from Coruscating Images!

Aerial Landscape Photography

Aerial landscapes make for incredibly impressive images and even more impressive videos. We’re used to seeing landscapes from the point of view that most photographs are taken: that is, the perspective of someone holding a camera. Maybe the photographer does a lot of art work to make the landscape look especially amazing, or to reflect what people actually see with their eyes and feel in their emotions when they see a majestic landscape. But it is very rare to find a landscape that truly gives a new perspective.

Aerial landscapes do just that. When we do aerial landscapes at Coruscating Images, we send a drone up into the air to photograph the landscape in sweeping vistas and with birds eye views. Instead of horizons, you get overhead images. When the light is perfect, we catch the way it lights up the whole landscape below. Aerial landscapes are the perfect way to market and show off your business. They give a gorgeous and artistic view of your property which has the double effect of reassuring customers that you are legitimate and impressing them with how attractive your business is.

Residential Real Estate Aerial Photography

If you are trying to sell a piece of residential real estate, aerial photography is a must-have. You need to be able to show what the property looks like, not just from the ground but also from the air. This might seem counter-intuitive since the people who go and look at the property will not see it from the air, but the fact is that aerial photography gives potential buyers a complete understanding of the property at a single glance. People who are looking at buying residential real estate want to know a few key things, such as how big the yard is, how the grounds are laid out, and what the surrounding neighborhood looks like, in addition to the indoor information that most real estate agents focus on. You can be the real estate agent who gives an amazingly complete view of the whole property just by calling your Sacramento residential real estate aerial photographer: Coruscating Images.

Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photographer

If you are looking for an excellent commercial real estate aerial photographer, you have come to the right place at Coruscating Images. Here at Coruscating Images, it is our business to make your business look amazing. We offer ultra high quality drone photographer services to give you amazing images and incredible footage of your location, edited and ready to use for all your online, TV, and print marketing.

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